15-4-2017 SON-AN The Doors to History Opened With Hisart in AKS

15-4-2017 SON-AN The Doors to History Opened With Hisart in AKS

Akasya Kültür Sanat is waiting for the visitors in April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children day with the exhibition from world’s first live history and diorama museum, Hisart. Hisart Museum’s exhibition, with rich dioramas and mannequins, brings our glorious history to the surface for all the new generation to see.


Created by Nejat Cuhadaroglu, the exhibition contains a thousand years of history with significant wars, soldiers and ethnographic works belonging to historic periods, 3D models and dioramas showing the turning points that determine the fate of the world, all exhibited in AKS.


From Selçuklu to the Ottomans, Independence War to World War I and II, the exhibition shows the most life-changing moments. The exhibition presents military equipment, original or loyal to the original clothes, flags, boots, banners, swords, weapons, medals, engravings, newspaper clippings and many more pieces in the Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum Exhibition, which carries the Roman Empire periods from 1990-1991 to The Gulf War with great detail  to AKS.


Çanakkale War’s Legendary Hero Seyit Onbaşı’s Diorama is in AKS!

In the Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum, Çanakkale War’s legendary hero Seyit Onbaşı’s diorama was first exhibited in the anniversary of the victory in Çanakkale. Seyit Onbaşı carried the bullet of a broken cannon on his back and placed it into a barrel, fired it and shot a British armor and eventually changed the course of the battle. It is told that the bullet he carried alone was 276 kg and this hero’s, Seyit Onbaşı, Diorama also meets the visitors of AKS. Created by the Diorama Artist Nejat Çuhadaroğlu and his team, the dioramas have the history of 30 years of work containing tens of thousands of kilometers travels to collect thousands of pieces, one by one researches making over a hundred stories. The exhibition, made from one of a kind pieces, will shed light on the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children Holiday.