Comfortably Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

On 10 November 1938, when the Great Leader Atatürk was sent to eternity, he deeply upset the Turkish nation. The death of our ancestor aroused a wide resonance on the world.

The common point of the statements made by world leaders after the death of Atatürk was the fact that our father was a very rare genius trained in the world, he was a great statesman and he worked as a model for world nations.

At the same time, Atatürk is a great commander along with his innovative and forward-looking features. He directed the Turkish War of Independence and acted with the ya either independence or death ya passphrase with his nation and won the biggest share in winning the victory.

Great Leader Atatürk has realized many revolutions which are very difficult to make by considering that the success achieved after the War of Independence was not enough. His greatest gift to the Turkish nation has been to establish the Republic of Turkey. Realized that eluded the Turkish nation and revolution era, have provided it to become a respected country in the world Turkey.

This great man who served his country until the very last moment of his life; Those who want to adopt me after me, if they accept the guidance of reason and knowledge on this basic axis, become my heirs, and have a republic that they established and wishes to work hard and to advance to an advanced level in science.

So, November 10th, that's why we have a national law. Atatürk's ideas should be better understood and applied. Today, we understand it better than ever, making better use of its ideas, what we can do better for our country and our nation in the light of science, we need to think about it and we should get to work without delay.

Despite the inevitable sorrow of every 10th of November, I think it is a great day in terms of its meaning and significance. The Turkish youth, who walks in the footsteps of Atatürk and feels the presence of a force in the veins that can reach the line he reached, will continue to achieve and achieve the success that suits him.

Our great savior Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk!

Sleep comfortably at your eternal resting table! We wholeheartedly as usual, claiming that the Republic of Turkey in escrow, will continue to be a nation worthy of you.

May your soul be blessed.