Hisart Encounters February 27, 2019

On Feb 27 2019 «Turkey-Russia Culture Year» on the occasion, «Hisart Live History Museum» hosted by «RUSTURKDIP, Russian Federation and Turkey Dialogue Platform» Organization Istanbul deputy Mr. Mr. Metin KÜLÜNK and the Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey representing the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul. Dmitry EVDOKIMOV, Cultural Attache Mikail KAMENEV and his assistant Mr. With the participation of Andrey MELNIK, «Panel on Turkish-Russian Relations from Sultan 2 Abdulhamid to Turkish Movement gerçekleştir. Assoc. Dr. As a result of this meeting, where Gültekin YILDIZ was also a speaker, Mr. H. Nejat ÇUHADAROĞLU and RUSTURKDIP representing the President, State Artist of the Russian Federation; Akhmed M. AKHMEDOV has signed the «GOODWILL PROTOCOL» to realize various cultural and artistic activities. In addition, the guests, due to a successful organization Director of Hisart Museum Mr.. They congratulated Ömer Çalişimşek and his team….