On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, hosted by the art Hisart Museum of Live History «, R RUSTURKDIP ve and the Rusya Association of Russian Education Culture and Cooperation», academics, educators, historians, pedagogues and People's Diplomacy from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Italy volunteers came together with «International Pedagogical Club». Distinguished founder and host of the «Hisart Museum»; H. After Nejat çuhadaroğlu the speech, «Russian Federation and Turkey Dialogue Platform» President of the Russian Federation State Artist Akhmed AKHMEDOV, Secretary General Sinan SÜRMELİ, Istanbul University Russian Language and Literature Department Prof. Dr. Türkan OLCAY, Distinguished Director of Hisart Museum Ömer Çalişimşek, President of Russian Education Culture and Cooperation Association Elena KARAL, Russian Language Specialist Svetlana ÖZGÜR, Trade Consultant Elena YENAR, Representing young people Adem BELİAVSKİY and Evren AKHMEDOV, President of the International Parliament of Ukraine KONDRYAKOV, Vice President Evgeniya RUDOVA and the accompanying delegation toured the His Hisart Museum, and decided to work together on museums for the further development and continuity of Russian-Turkish friendship. In addition, the foreign guests were impressed by the friendly staff of Hisart Live History Museum, especially the Turkish hospitality shown by Ayşe Hanım, and thanked all the Turkish Nation in their person ....