24-10-2019 LIVING HISTORY IN OCTOBER 29 IN ANKARA - Türkiye Günlüğü

Hisart Live History Museum is in Ankara for the second time in the 96th anniversary of the Republic with special selections.

Special selections from the works at Hisart Live History Museum in Istanbul will be exhibited at the Reception of October 29 at the Presidential Complex, curated by Nejat Çuhadaroğlu.

Nejat Çuhadaroğlu, the founder of Hisart, is personally interested in the Presidential Complex where the works of important periods and prominent heroes of Anatolian Turkish history are exhibited.

Military and ethnographic historical artifacts that concretely represent a broad period that began with the conquest of Istanbul during the Ottoman period and resulted in the proclamation of the Republic (1453-1923) were unique to the guests of the Presidential Complex in 2017 as well as the October 29 reception. preparing to offer experience.

Historical objects, dioramas and models that portray historical events, paintings, photo albums, posters and newspapers are among the works to be exhibited. There are a total of 150 pieces consisting of mannequin, diorama and paintings as well as objects such as swords, pishtov and rifles, mostly belonging to the Ottoman period.