30-10-2019 FROM FETİHT TO KURTULUŞ - Milliyet Newspaper

'From Fatah to Salvation' The Presidential Complex was held on October 29 Republic Day to open an exhibition entitled 'From Fatah to Salvation'. The exhibition, which was opened within the scope of the Republic Day celebrations, includes military and ethnographic works describing a broad period that began with the conquest of Istanbul and resulted in the proclamation of the Republic. Curated by Nejat Çuhadaroğlu, owner of Hisart Museum, the exhibition consisted of 150 pieces and was presented to the guests of the reception ceremony. The exhibition, which includes the original marshal uniform of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, includes weapons and swords used in the Ottoman period and military uniforms and weapons worn by Mehmetçi in the War of Independence. In the exhibition, the sword from the period of the Four Caliphs, the sword of Suleiman the Magnificent, the yatagan sword decorated with emeralds and rubies, and the sword of Surah Fatah on Yavuz Sultan Selim. Sultan Abdulhamid II's weapon looks like a fountain pen, Abdulhamid II's childhood sword, Sultan Mahmut II's weapons, Sultan Ahmet III's rifle and sailor's bed with the 19th century is the longest bed in the world. The curator Çuhadaroğlu's "diaroma" works are also on display in the hall. These include the War of Independence, Kut'ül Amare Victory, the Battle of Ankara between 1st Beyazıt and Timur. »ANKARA Milliyet