Below are the introductory videos and floor visuals of our museum, have a good time.


Introductory Video of our Museum                                                                 History of the museum chapters 1 and 2


History of the museum chapter 3                                                                   History of the museum chapter 4

History of the museum chapter 5


Ground Floor: The ground floor of Hisart Living History and Diorama Museum covers a wide span of time. On the ground floor,there are many special accessories that show social,cultural and economic changes of the Ottomans during various eras.

On this floor,the artifacts from the Great Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire as well as the Anatolian Seljuk State and artifacts belonging to the eras until Selim III of the Ottoman State are put on display.

The artifacts on the ground floor include a unique sword from the era of the Anatolian Seljuk State,a magic shirt which was known to have protected the Sultan that wears it, a machete of the hangman from the Ottoman era,guns used in European and Anatolian lands,maces and axes.Also,a diorama that illustrates the conquest of Istanbul and "Deli" (Crazy) raiders of the Ottoman Army and the animation of the Tiger exhibition at the Topkapı Palace during the Ottoman era are also on the ground floor.

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FIRST FLOOR: Most of the artifacts on the first floor of the museum belong to the Ottomans.The artifacts that start from the era of Selim III go back to the early 1900s.

In the section, there are precious swords, guns, flags and clothes that represent the era chronologically.The rare Turkish Zülfikar machete belonging to the 18th century is displayed on this floor.

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2ND FLOOR: There are artifacts from the last era of the Ottoman State on the 2nd floor of the museum. The topics of the 2nd floor include Tripoli War, Balkan War, Word War One and Gallipoli and Eastren Fronts (Sarıkamış). In this section, it is possible to see on Atatürk models, exactly the same clothes that were worn by him in three separate wars. Also, dioramas that illustrate important war scenes, guns and costumes are other items that will attract interest of visitors.

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3RD FLOOR: The topic of the 3rd floor of Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum is the last eras of the Word War One and Independence War. Also, many artifacts and dioramas from the first era of the Word War Two are displayed on this floor.  

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4TH FLOOR: On the 4th floor of the museum, the artifacts of the Word War Two are displayed.Also, there are artifacts from the recent wars such as the Korean War, Vietnam War, Cyprus Peace Operation and Gulf Wras on this floor. 

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TOP FLOOR: Dioramas and figures that illustrate interesting elements of the history such as the Gladiators, Vikings and pirates and the scenes from famous Hollwood movies such as Indiana Jones, Lord of Rings, Star Wars etc. are displayed at the Hisart Cafe on the top floor of the museum. 

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