Terms of Use

1-) Users who are members of  web site, and any 3rd parties or establishments which provide links to this site through any technical means will be defined as users.

2-) The user is defined as a user by filling in the information specified in the registration form and registering to this site.

3-) The users should contact the communication department if they encounter any problems.

4-) All user information and the data they enter during their use are confidential. Nobody other than the user is allowed to access such information. However Hisartmuseum  can access these information entered by the user during registration if such information is necessary for contacting the user.

5-) Hisartmuseum is limited to its current features. The users do not have a right to demand new features or applications. However, Hisartmuseum  can add new features or applications when it deems necessary.

8-) The users are considered to have agreed with these terms.

9-) These terms of use are subject to change and following such changes is the users’ responsibility. Always the most recently updated terms are valid.