17-3-2019 Vahap Munyan The value of this museum is at least $ 1 billion in my eyes


The value of this museum is in my eyes at least $ 1 billion ifm <f * 4 »/ AkıiK« 4fm4 f * ÇUHADAR OĞLU Chairman of the Board of Aluminum, Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum souvenir Nejat Çuhadaroğlu called: - News in your newspaper, collections, making lists. I don't see Hisart between them. I want you to see the museum, understand that you're wrong. A few years ago, we visited the Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum facilities together with Nejat Çuhadaroğlu's invitation and went to Hisart in Kağıthane, İstanbul. When I entered the museum, I learned that the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy was there. Çuhadaroğlu, the Minister's essence! They had met and met in Istanbul 15 days ago. He also insisted that he invited Minister Ersoy that day: - Mr. Minister, responded very quickly to our invitation. Mr. Ersoy was the first Minister of Culture and Tourism to see our 5-year museum. Ersoy'a reported the shortage of space: - This building, the first center of the Çuhadaroğlu Group. We had workshops here. We turned it into a museum five years ago. You see, our building is too small for such a museum. Also, the area is not available for tourist buses. He turned to me: - Sirkeci Station, Darphane-i Amire, places that could host such a museum. We have a search for a place. Mr. Minister, If our President helps, we will move the museum to a place it deserves. After seeing Ersoy, we visited the museum together. He showed the German fighter in the basement: - I brought this plane 3 years before America. I painted the original colors myself. The German pilot who used this plane in the Second World War shot down 212 aircraft. Most aircraft dropping WAR HISTORY RESEARCH INSTITUTE I WANT TO ESTABLISH HISART Nejat Çuhadaroğlu, the founder of the Museum of Live History and Diorama, showed the heavily armored sipahi at the entrance of the museum: - Ottoman first heavy armored sipahi. There's only one in this museum. And the horse is in action. He pointed to the elephant armor in front of him: - This armor belongs to the Ottoman period. It has an Apricot stamp on it. I found the elephant armor in Anatolia. Then he shared his dream about the museum: - If we can move this museum to a larger area, I want to turn it into a cultural history complex. Another goal has been put forward: - I think to establish the Institute for the History of War Research. THE PAINTING MOM WILL BE OUR BOY PAINTER 'NEJAT Çuhadaroğlu, she said that creativity, imagination and dexterity are in her genes: - My mother graduated from the painting and sculpture department. My father is a master architect. My mother tore off the pictures I made when I was little. He said, "Alas, our boy will be a painter, he will crawl." He stressed that he was an economics graduate: - When I opened my first model exhibition 7 years ago, my mother was very touched. 8th in ranking. He drew attention to the animation models: - I have been making models for 35 years. I've worked hard on all the animation models you see here. Until a year ago, I made all the models myself. We also have a workshop in the museum for a year. He stressed that there are more than 450 models: - There are no other museums in the world where so many models are dressed with original clothes and materials of the period. In each scene, the project is mine. I'm gonna make the final rounds. When the conquest of Istanbul and the animation of the first plane crash in Çanakkale were explained, I wondered how many years it has collected the objects and artifacts in the museum, and shared: - For 25 years I have been collecting objects and artifacts from every corner of the world, cities, Anatolia. He pointed to the congestion of the exhibition in the museum: - I am in favor of exhibiting all the assets of the museum. "1 percent of the works in the exhibition, the rest in the warehouse" approach is wrong. I also want the authorities visiting our museum to see that we need a bigger place. I asked about the value of objects and artifacts in the museum, first he gave the following creation: - It would be wrong to evaluate this museum for investment or insurance. Because there is added value here. Then he told the visit of the Consul General of Kuwait in Istanbul: - Mr. Consul General after visiting our museum, "I will not ask how much money you spent on this museum. In my eyes worth at least $ 1 billion," he said. The words of Mr. Consul General are important in terms of explaining the added value created here. I saw that Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum is one of the most important assets for Istanbul and our country ... (VIUU1M. .. mm 7 NAMLULU RIFLE 3 MOUTH KILIÇ NEJAT Çuhadaroğlu made the following claim regarding Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum: - The guns of the Seljuk period are mostly exhibited in this museum I bought from a special collection in the US It stopped at the point where the 7-barreled gun was exhibited: - This weapon belonging to Mahmud 2 is unique in the world and there is no dagger in each part. 7 barrels fire at once, and then he showed three swords: - Belonging to Sultan Reşat ... VAHAP |