31-10-2019 Hisart Exhibition was at the Kulliye Reception on 29 October - Klass Magazin

Hisart Live History Museum was in Ankara for the second time in the 96th establishment of the Republic with special selections.

Special selections from Hisart Live History Museum in Istanbul were curated by Nejat Çuhadaroğlu and presented at the October 29 Reception at the Presidential Complex.

Hisart's founder Nejat Çuhadaroğlu himself exhibited at the Presidential Complex and exhibited works belonging to the first class and leading heroes of Anatolian Turkish history.

Chronologically, the military and ethnographic historical artifacts, which were concreted in a wide period, which began with the conquest of Istanbul during the Ottoman period and resulted in the proclamation of the Republic (1453-1923), took part in the exhibition.

The works carried outside the Hisart Museum presented one of us to all the guests who were at the reception of the Presidential Complex at the October 29 reception.